Amorphous Diamond Treatment

How do you objectively measure a diamond's beauty?

By using a Gemex™ Brilliancescope™ created by GemEx® Systems.

GemEx® Systems has been the light performance standard in the diamond industry since 1998. GemEx introduced the concept of scientifically measuring the light performance of diamonds.

The GemEx BrillianceScope® Analyzer, which uses patented spectrophotometer technology, measures a diamond's white light (brilliance), color light (fire) and scintillation (sparkle). It then rates each of these three measures compared to other diamonds of the same shape. The scale for each shape was set by measuring thousands of diamonds to determine the highest and lowest amount of white light, color light and scintillation possible for each shape. The Light Performance Report includes the three bar graphs and also shows images of the diamond under 5 different light views used for measurement of Light Performance.

How did the Asha Diamond rate?

Asha® maxed out the meter for fire and scored in the top % for brilliance and scintillation. Very few diamondswill ever match this type of showing.

Below are the Gemex test results (pictures and bar graphs) for the Round, Princess, Flander, and Radiant cut Asha Diamond Simulants.
A Gemex™ BrillianceScope™

Asha® H&A 1.00ct sample results (E, Flawless)

SuperbCert 1.09ct natural H&A diamond (D, Internally Flawless, $21,500)

Conventional Diamond*

(*Normally cut to maximize finished weight vs. optimal beauty)

Click here to view the same light views for various natural diamonds.

Asha®1.05ct Princess Results (E, Flawless)

Asha® Flanders results (E, Flawless)

Our Flanders is combination of the princess and round morphed into one - the brilliance of a round, the shape of an elegant princess - brilliance and sophistication in one beautiful stone.

It also has one of the highest White Light scores we've seen on any Asha® cut.

Asha® 2.10 ct Radiant results (E, Flawless)
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