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Love My Ring

I wanted to let you know that I got my ring and I love it! Thank you so
Kate — San Rafael, California

Absolutely Gorgeous!

I just received the below referenced ring order (the Savannah Diamond Cathedral Pave Engagement Ring) on Friday, April 8th. And, the ring is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!
I made a great choice and the workmanship is impeccable! I absolutely LOVE THIS RING! Though I'm not used to a 1.5 carat diamond, it's going to take some getting used to, but it is a bold, beautiful & believable ring!
lightbrneyez — Brooklyn Park, Minnesota


I caught on sale a 2ct H&A round brilliant, palladium, princess basket, cathedral solitaire ring. It is flat out gorgeous! I've looked at it in every lighting and I can't believe it's not real. It sparkles like crazy and flashes minimal rainbows. It gives you that steely look in white light which is why I chose Asha to begin with. The sizing and finishing of the ring is perfect! 5 stars all the way! The company's customer service is great and very responsive in a timely manner. I originally purchased a pair of 2ct princess cut martini stud earrings. They were beautiful too! Next time I would choose the tension posts over the screw backs for princess earrings because it's hard to keep them straight unless you screw them very tight. I am very pleased and I am sooooooooo glad that I found Asha diamonds! I will never buy a natural diamond again! #TeamAsha

AWESOME customer service & loose Asha stone!

I am a long time Asha owner but have always bought them from directly from BTD until I discovered AshaDiamonds website. I started to buy my Asha's from here b/c I love the rewards program! Can't beat receiving credit for your next orders!!! Asha's are truly the BEST looking sims out there IMO. My 1st Asha was purchased back in 2002 & it still looks the same as day 1 when I bought it 9 yrs ago! I would also like to thank Chris for the GREAT customer service he provides. He is VERY quick with answering questions I had with my order. Thanks AD! Another happy customer =)
Ly — TX, United States

Amazingly beautiful ring - LOVE IT!

I just received my ring today. I ordered the 2 ct Trinity 3-stone ring. I researched for a long time and decided to take the plunge and ordered from Asha. I am very pleased with the ring... it looks absolutely amazing.

My only advice is to go to a retail store to try on some rings to see what style suits you. Then order the Asha ring in the style that you like. It's hard to tell how it will look on your finger from the website. Also, don't overdo it with the carat weight. I ordered the 1 ct center with two 1/2 ct sides and it's perfect. I'm glad I didn't get bigger.

I can't stop looking at the ring since I opened the box.
Dana — California

I am a lifetime Asha customer!

I just received my Asha yesterday. I ordered a 3 carat round catalina wedding set. Out of all I have read and researched on the Asha (which is a lot) the only " warning" I came across was to not order your Asha "too large" or people would know it wasnt a natural diamond. Well, I just wanted your company to know that this ring is big and beautiful! My sister examined it for five minutrs and was totally convinced! It is prettier than any ring I can find! I actually went out and compared it yesterday at several national chain jewlery stores, and mine blew them out of the water! The merchandise is very high quality and absolutely gorgeous, and your customer service (I spoke with Robyn several times and Kristen) is excellent. I am a lifetime Asha customer! Thank you so much!

Such a good decision

Received my 1.5 round "Celeste" last night.GORGEOUS.Like others, I was so worried it would look fake- but it is just beyond beautiful.I think the only reason anyone would question its authenticity is because they know we can't afford a $10k+ diamond:)But so far, everyone has just been wowed.I was worried about the stone flashing too many rainbow colors to look real, but it reflects white light just like a diamond.If you are considering an Asha, GO FOR IT!Best decision we ever made.Enjoy your ring shopping!I sure did :D
Sarah — Utah

No More Diamonds For Me

Just recieved my three carat cushion cut asha ring my wedding set is 5.90 caratsand the asha out shines them all I will never ever purchase MINED diamond again. Thank you asha ill be a customer for life thanks again its beautifull!!! LLOVE LLLOVE LLLLLLLOVE IT> TERESA

Love it!

I just wanted to let you know that I received below ring today......I absolutely LOVE


We did a lot of research when looking into buying an engagement ring. I was scared at first to purchase an Asha, afterall how could a CZ hold a candle to a diamond...and would it hold up? We had my 2 ct H&A Round Asha set into my dream ring and not a SINGLE person has questioned it. I am proud to say that my Asha is prettier than ANY diamond I have ever seen (and I have quite the experience with high-end jewelry). Now when we go into stores to look for wedding bands, everyone's jaws drop at how beautiful my ring is. Amazingly, unlike other CZ jewelry I have, the stone never gets cloudy and maintains its radiance...and I've had it for four months so far. It requires minimum upkeep with the occassional cleaning, but that's nothing. If you are wondering about an Asha, buy it!!! I often get lost looking at how brilliant my ring looks. The best part is if anything were to happen to it it's only a matter of a few hundred dollars instead of thousands for a diamond of equal size and quality.
Bethany — Texas

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