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It was by chance that I came across the asha stone, we had never considered a simulant, but after seeing all the positives about it, it made so much sense.
We did so much research and looked at so many pictures on line after finding out about the asha. We were a little nervous as to how it would really look in person. We compared so many simulants and did not hear one bad thing about an asha stone. Now... we can certainly see why!!!! I am so impressed with the cut, it is perfection. My fiance and I are so happy we went with asha! Now I have the most amazing stone that I have always dreamed of and we still have money left over for our future! I hope more people find out about this option..why spend all that money when no one can tell the difference!! I am so proud to wear such a beautiful ring that everyone thinks costs so much money!! It impresses me and other people every single day! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Do not hesitate!
Leah — United States


I received my "Heavy Tiffany" 2 ct Rb Asha -just in time for Christmas!!Breath taking I love it. This is my second Asha and I am very pleased. It looks so much like a diamond! Thank you foa wonderful product!
SB — Pa

Made Our Dream A Reality

My boyfriend and I had been seriously discussing getting engaged. Then one day, he came from from work and had been laid off. We didn't want to put our lives on hold just because of this, but we didn't have the money for a ring. After literally months of research, I suggested Asha to him and showed him your site. He was skeptical but I assure him that THIS is what I wanted. I'll have to admit, I was a little nervous too. I had never seen an Asha in person and I was worried about the quality, but marrying him was more important than any ring. On December 8, 2010 he proposed. The ring is AMAZING! He choose the Evelyn setting with a 1.25 princess cut stone. It is the most beautiful ring I've ever seen. It sparkles like crazy and I constantly catch people staring at it. (Someone even jokingly asked if it was battery powered because it sparkled so much!) Thanks for making our dream a reality. We may not have a lot of money, but I have a rockstar ring that looks like a million bucks and a amazing fiance to share the rest of my life with.


Just recieved my round asha diamond halo style ring today and it is just as beautiful in person than in the pics. Also, got my first comment within 10 min of putting it on. It sparkles bright and dainty on my fingers. Love love love it! Customer service was superb. Thanks Chris for being helpful and patient with me. I will definately be buying from you guys again.
Christine — North Hollywood, CA, United States

Love Love Love It

I absolutely LOVE my ring. Thank you for providing such a fabulous product.
I went to a bull & oyster roast the night I received my ring and I recieved
so many compliments on it. The wife of a local jeweler was giving it the
serious once over and if she knew, she didn't let on. I certainly wasn't
going to spill. If anyone asks for references, please feel free to use my

Thank you

I just want to say thank you so much for making me the most beautiful ring that i've ever seen!

My now fiancee had proposed to me last night. It was the most wonderful proposal and I know I am the luckiest girl in the world. Everything was just priceless. Thank you for making my dream come true :)

I love you guys!


First, I want to thank Chris for the great customer support, and patience of a saint through all of my questions, and selections.
I am now the proud owner of the "Empress" setting, w/a 1.25 PC center surrounded by diamonds/sapphires in the ring. I am astounded at the craftsmanship,beauty of the Asha stone. My only regret is that I did not find this Company sooner! I will definitely be a repeat customer.
Do not hesitate to put your full confidence in this Company and the Asha product!
Suzanne — Pa.


I just received my 2.carat Flander cut vintage scroll lever back earrings over 4 months ago for my b-day... and they are brilliant! The color and clarity is unbelieveable! I took them to my local jeweler in order to clean them and see if he would be able to tell the difference between natural diamond vs. Asha and he couldn't! He was just saying how beautiful the cut and color etc and I was so proud. Will be making another purchase soon!! Thank you so much for a fantasic product!
Terrie Byone Moulds — Atlanta, USA


I received my ring today and it is FABULOUS!! Totally exceeded my expectations! Thank you so very much for creating such a quality product! Thank you again!!!
Ami — Lompoc, California

Pretty Dramatic Earrings!

I just received my wife's square emerald cut (Asscher cut) earrings. Each is a 2 "c" size, set in yellow gold. All I can say is "wow"! They are breathtakingly beautiful stones, in fact they are almost uncomfortable to look at in direct sunlight they are so brilliant. The water clear F color offset in yellow gold is, well, pretty dramatic to say the least. I got her pink solitaire Ashas for her anniversary last year (from the competition)and really didn't think anything could top those. These do. I just cannot understand why anyone would ever want to blow massive sums for native, mined diamond, when these sims are so much more beautiful than the real thing. Costco is showing a pair of very similar true diamond earrings, 1.5c each,for over $30,000. These were a bit less expensive. I am very happy. (Oh, it took 10 days from placing the order to FedEx arrival, and the packaging is really very lovely.)
David Hendler — Marietta, GA

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