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I received my wedding set five days after my order was placed. When I opened the box, my fiance and I were both stunned. My mother-in-law is a jeweler and could not believe my solitaire was not a real diamond. One of the best decisions we could have made for our future. I've already gotten tons of compliments on how much it sparkles! It's a size 1.5 on a size 8 finger and let me tell you it is by far big enough - Everyone thinks it's a 2 carat. Thank you asha!
Lindsey — CA, United States

So much better than Diamond Nexus

At this point in my life I can well afford a real diamond, but could not justify that much money on a piece of jewelry.. I ordered a diamond nexus solitare.. What a disappointment! However,the customer service was great. I I received a full credit once they received the merchandise..The asha cushion cut novo arrived a couple of weeks ago..does it sparkle in certain lighting!! Not so mch in indoor natural lighting but maybe that's how really well cut diamonds appear..anyway so far so good!! For those of you just starting out spend your money on a down payment for a home or furniture or a nice honeymoon.,not a diamond that cost thousands of dollars not to mention it might be a blood diamond..The diamond industry would have you believe if you fiancÚ really truly loved you he would spend 3 months salary on a diamond ...
Debbie — Covington, La

No one can tell the difference

I looked all over for the perfect ring for 3 years before ASHA made it happen. The first ring i picked out was not what i wanted but to my surprise the customer service was amazing! They sent me different stones so that was able to see them in person. Once i decided what i wanted i mailed it all back and they created me the perfect ring. I was engaged 2 years ago ever since everyone i know has gushed over how beautiful my ring is. Everyone thinks it's a real diamond and i just don't correct them. Thank you so much ASHA, my set is gorgous!
Rachael — USA

Perfect Ring, Excellent Customer Service

Hi Guys!
This is a few months overdue... I have to say the ring exceeded all of my expectations and then some. My ring is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. I do pass it as a real diamond and I have no problem doing so. People are in awe of it and I let them be. I don't ask them if someone died for their "real" diamond so it's none of their business if my diamond is a mined diamond or not. And I am overjoyed that we were able to save thousands of dollars. I would have said yes to my fiance if he gave me a twisty tie for a ring lol. Honestly even if I had millions I would still choose this ring. I think its awesome that I get to have a 1.5 carat ring without spending a fortune like many others do. It was my idea to go with Asha and it took me a lot of convincing to talk my fiance into it but now he is a believer! I can't wait to order my wedding band! The setting is remarkable and the engraving was done perfectly. Thank YOU!!!
James — Denver, CO

engagement ring

My fiance and I have been looking at rings for awhile, he had heard about the Asha Diamonds from a jeweller he had worked with in the past. We looked at the site and all the beautiful rings that were offered. We finally decided on an engagement ring. When he proposed with the ring (eng901) I was absolutely in awe!! The way it sparkles and looks so realistic! No one will ever question it. I am so pleased!!

its perfect!..looks just like a high quality diamond.

I ordered the low set crown solitaire in rose gold with white gold prongs H color round hearts and arrows stone. It is gorgeous!!!..the setting is very high quality and heavy it looks just like the tiffany crown solitaire the detail is amazing. The asha is beyond my expectations and is beautiful and very diamond like. It has so much depth and the arrows give it dimension. It flashes a ton of white light and just the right amount of color/fire. You will not be disappointed!!! Don't hesitate..I've had many diamond sims..quorri, nexus, diamonique, wink, russian brilliant etc..asha is by far the superior..and the price is outstanding. Its identical to my mothers high quality diamonds!!


My now fiance and I talked about not getting a real diamond as these are super expensive (for good quality) and there are so many other things we can do with that money. He said he thought it was beautiful when he first opened the package. When he proposed with it I was wowed :) It is a gorgeous piece. Great craftsmanship and design. We are very happy with this purchase. I highly recommend Asha. PS-Chris was of great help and is so patient. Thank you for answering all our questions, Chris.
Denise — California

1 ct round: WOW

My first reaction when I received the loose stone was WOW! I am delighted with the sparkle and beauty of this stone. I compared it to my other czs, and to my G/H VSI diamond, and it looks more like the diamond. I love it! I had my jewler set it in a lovely 14 k gold setting, and finally have a ring that I know looks beautiful,and that both my fiance and I wont worry if anyone thinks I am wearing a fake. they will never even know! If anyone asks, my response would be "why, are you jealous?" but i bet nobody asks!
sandi — USA

Amazing quality...

Decided to get a replica of my E.ring, to bring on holiday and wear outside for safety plus I had always dreamed of a larger 2 carat ring from my 1.30ct. When the ring arrived I was blown away by the presentation, quality of the stones and stunning workmanship. I was speechless! Far beyond my expectations of what I would receive, even the band width is the perfect thickness I had always wanted. Not much difference between this and my high quality D VVS2 diamond. First day I wore it, I had a shop assistant actually gasp. Even better when she said, 'Wow! Your E.Ring is amazing, those are big diamonds!' The gold is alot more generous and prongs much better worked than my 6k diamond ring. The only disappointment, is I feel guilty I take care of this ring alot better than my 6k one. Thank you Asha!!!


I just got engaged about a month ago...My fiance and I had already discussed the type of ring I wanted. We decided to go with an asha diamond instead of a natural diamond because I just cannot justfify spnding that kind of money on a ring but I wanted the same look. When he opened the box and propsed I was literally at a loss for words! This ring is BEYOND gorgeous and I'm constantly getting complimented on it. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! If you are considering buying an asha...Just do it! You'll be very glad you did!
Leah Miller — San Francisco, California

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