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Happy Customer

After my boyfriend and I decided to get engaged, he allowed me to pick my ring. I didn’t feel comfortable with him spending “three months salary” on a diamond because frankly we have better things to spend our money on. After months of research I came upon this website and after asking what seems like a million question that Chris kindly answered I decided that the Nova was the ring for me. When my ring arrived I was pleasantly surprised. I was a little uneasy purchasing a ring that I only saw in photos but I think the ring is beautiful. It is well worth the money and if for any reason it gets lost or stolen I know my world won’t end. If you are hesitant about purchasing a ring from Asha rest assured that you will not be disappointed, the gold is even recycled, what more could you ask for!

6.5 mm Cushion Cut Asha

We just received our loose stone and couldn't be happier. We were blown away by the quality and how much it sparkled. No one will ever know that it isn't a real diamond. We had debated between an Asha and a moissanite for the centre stone of my fiance's engagement ring. We're so glad that we chose this instead of the moissanite. And the shipping was super fast-ordered Wednesday and it arrived on Friday. We will definitely shop with Asha Diamnonds again.
Pino Ferraro — Mississauga, ON, Canada

Breathtakingly Beautiful

My ring arrived yesterday and it is BREATHTAKINGLY beautiful! My husband (who may be deploying soon for yet another Middle Eastern tour of duty,) got down on one knee and asked me (after 18 years of marriage ) to marry him again as he slipped your GORGEOUS ring on my finger- I cried right there in my kitchen !! THANK YOU I can't stop looking at my breathtaking ring, the sparkle and fire of the stones are blindingly beautiful!!!!
Happy Customer


About 1 1/2 months ago I was at my local upscale jewellery store and saw a beautiful 3 ct hearts on fire diamond ring with side baguettes. I just had to try it on and I fell in love......Unfortunately, at $125,000.00 it was prohibitively expensive. I had been looking for a ring to wear with my wedding band, as my engagement ring is too tight right now and I don't want to have it re-sized (you know us girls, our weight is in constant flux). I ordered the Korina ring with 3ct centre stone and it is just as beautiful as the ring I saw at the jewellery store - at a minute fraction of the price. (I got it in H colour, so it's not pure white and more believably genuine). It is very nicely made and the gold is substantial. Thanks ASHA for making a product us jewellery junkies can purchase without breaking the bank......


More beautiful than I imagined!

An internet search brought me to you website and I immediately fell in love with the Bella Wedding Set. I told my boyfriend that when we got engaged, I HAD to have that ring! I couldn't find a ring anywhere else that I liked as much. Well, Feb. 17th we got engaged and with much joy, I wear the Bella(white gold, 6.5mm/1c round center)engagement ring. It is even more beautiful in person! I get many compliments and I can't wait to add the wedding band to the engagement ring! Thank you, Asha Diamonds!
Jill — West Milwaukee, WI USA

I am overjoyed!!!

I wanted something special for my wedding ring as the ones sold locally aren't really that unique. After searching several net sites and diamond simulants I came across Asha Diamonds. I was quite hesitant at first to order a ring from the other side of the world plus I also do not know any Finn who has an Asha ring. After reading all these positive testimonials I just knew that there is no need to worry. My fiance then placed an order for tulip head Roslyn with 2ct Asha Flanders which I had chosen. The ring arrived few days ago and it is simply stunning! When I opened the gift bag and the blue box, it literally took my breath away. The craftsmanship is outstanding and the Flanders exceeded all expectations. It looks like a real diamond and the sparkle is amazing!

Thank you Asha Diamonds! I now have the wedding ring of my dreams!
Heidi — Finland

Awesome Ring!

My hubby purchased the Jordana engagement ring with a 1.5 carat princess cut stone. This was about 10 months ago and every where I go since the day he gave it to me I get at least one compliment on how beautiful it is. I simply love the ring and want to share that the stones are brilliant and sparkle beautifully. I couldn't be happier! If he hadn't told me I would have thought it came from one of the high end jewelers costing thousands of dollars. I'm actually back on the site looking for a band. Thanks Asha for affordable quality products that DO NOT disappoint.
Marie — US

Autumn ring

I just received my Autumn engagement ring and it is just perfect. I went with a 1.5 carat round in a size 5.5 and its just the perfect fit for my petite finger. I will never think of this ring as anything but a real diamond, you can't tell the difference. I love it.
Debra Gregory — Limington, ME, United States

Better and More Beautiful!

I just received my 3/4 carat, round (hearts and arrows), loose Asha diamond. It only took 4 days to reach my house. Fantastic shipping time. I was so excited to open the package. My loose diamond came in a special case, in a nice box, that was in a beautiful gift bag. It is simply gorgeous. I had a jeweler put my Asha diamond in my own setting. My sister recently got engaged. She has a 1 carat round diamond. Side by side, my Asha diamond sparkles and catches your eye more than my sisters real expensive diamond. I was hesitant at first, about buying online and man-made, until I read the testimonials. I hope someone reads this and it helps to make their mind up. Thank you Asha. I will be a lifetime customer.
Beth Landry — Houma, LA, United States

Couldn't be happier

I looked for waht seemed like forever at different rings from different places. I always came back here. My fiance did not want a genuine diamond, because she was afraid she'd lose/damage it. We also would rather spend all that money on the wedding and honeymoon. Plus, she's in nursing school and I'm in grad school, so money is tight for now. i ordered the Chalice set, and she could not have been happier. I needed it fast, and Asha delivered with no problems. It looks even better than I expected, and she loves it. She gets so many compliments, and no one has ever even come close to questioning its authenticity. If you are on the fence about Asha, hop off and buy it now!
Adam Miller — Indianapolis, IN, United States

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