Amorphous Diamond Treatment
Thorough cleanings:
A thorough cleaning can be done via any standard home jewelry cleaner, or you can make your own cleansing solution by simply combining warm water and a bit of hand-dishwashing soap (i.e. Joy, Palmolive, etc.).

• Allow your jewelry to soak for a few minutes - the hand dishwashing liquid will help dissolve the grease from body oils which play a large part in trapping dirt on your jewelry.

• With an old toothbrush, gently scrub the jewelry piece and Ashaź to break up trapped dirt. Be sure to try to get the underside of your stone with the brush if possible. Buildup on the underside of gems (diamond or Ashaź) is what is responsible for adding a dull grey look to your stone so don't forget to lightly scrub there.

• Finally, rinse in water and pat dry.

Professional cleanings:
Your local jeweler can offer your Ashaź jewelry a more thorough professional cleaning. They will either steam clean or ultrasound (or both) your jewelry, neither will cause any problems and will help in keeping your Ashaź jewelry at peak brilliance.

General Care:
Ashaź has a form of amorphous diamond on its upper layer. As such, it is chemically inert and very abrasion resistant. You can swim, shower, etc. with no undue concern. Be sure to remove your jewelry when engaging in activities that may prove hazardous to its health - i.e. rock climbing or other activities where you are likely to give your jewelry a nice whack or hard scratch.
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