Superior Princess Cut
The princess cut is called a square/rectangular modified brilliant in GIA grading reports. Unlike most simulants, our Ashaź princess cuts are correct princess cuts, 76 facets, the same as natural diamond. Many princess cut simulants are cut via a modified radiant, rather than a true princess cut, which also is an easy sign for knowledgeable eyes to suspect it is a simulant as most diamonds are not cut that way.

The Asha princess is cut to optimize for sheer beauty, whereas most natural princess diamonds are cut to save as much weight as possible. This is always a tradeoff between cutting the stone smaller and thus more beautiful, vs. leaving it fatter and less able to handle light properly.

To ensure the Asha Princess is being cut to the best diamond standards possible, a 1ct princess cut Asha gemstone submitted to the inventor of the AGA-CERT cut classes, David Atlas.

Unlike the Hearts and Arrows standards, there are various grades of Princess cuts, but not an "ideal" specification. The highest class currently is Class 2A Princess cut, which the Asha princess cut is in.

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Report summary:

I have completed the exam of the Ashaź stone. It is pretty much indistinguishable from the princess cut diamonds that were compared with it. These were all AGA Cut Class 2 princess cut diamonds, so I think it was a fair comparison.

This Ashaź was a D/E color and flawless or virtually so. I could find nothing internally or externally to call an inclusion or a blemish. No doubt, this degree of polish and care with symmetry combined with specific cutting parameters similar to a well cut princess cut diamond contributes to the brilliancy and sparkle we observed.

71.7% depth, 60% table, 15.3% crown height were the numbers on this sample stone. It had a slightly thick polished girdle and a closed (pointed) culet.

I don't think anyone could do a better job on a princess cut and I have no cutting suggestions. It looks better than most princess cut diamonds as it is.

The three diamonds it was compared to total $15,518 at wholesale cost. I doubt anyone can tell which is which unless they are paying for one of the four.

David S. Atlas
Senior Member, NAJA
Graduate Gemologist, GIA.
Creator of the AGA Cut Class system

"How does this perfect cut affect the overall beauty of the stone?"

Light return analysis of Princess Asha (performed May 28, 2008 by Global Gemological Laboratory):

Princess Cut Light Analysis
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