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Asha Shapes

Round Asha

The round brilliant cut diamond is by far the most popular and most researched diamond shape available today. For almost 100 years, diamond cutters have been using advanced theories of light behavior and precise mathematical calculations to optimize the fire and brilliance in a round diamond.

Our latest generation of Asha is hand-cut to the exacting standards of Hearts and Arrows cuts, something fewer than 1 in 1000 (thats less than 0.1%) round cut diamonds will ever achieve.

Hearts and Arrows is an industry term for a specific type of round cut where all facets are in perfect alignment, proportion and symmetry. The pattern is a series of eight gray arrowheads when viewed from above the crown with one eye, and eight heart shapes when viewed from below the pavilion.

Learn more about our Hearts and Arrows cut round brilliant Asha cut.

Princess Asha

The princess cut is called a square/rectangular modified brilliant in GIA grading reports. Although a relatively new cut, it is our most popular fancy shaped cut and often finds its way into solitaire engagement rings.

Square Emerald cut Asha

In 1902, Asscher Diamond Co. patented a rectilinear diamond cut. Developed by Joseph Asscher, the squarish step cutís deeply cut corners give it an almost octagonal outline. It features a small table, high crown, broad step facets, deep pavilion and square culet. The Asscher cut was inspired by the table cuts of the Renaissance, however, it was a big departure from the brilliant cuts that dominated the 1800s and was a forerunner of the standard emerald cut. Because of its high crown and small table, the Asscher cut has more light and fire than an emerald cut.

Flanders Asha

The Flanders Brilliant Cut (aka Fire Brilliant) is a modified Radiant or Princess cut with truncated corners that form an octagon with brilliant faceting. The Flanders Brilliant has 33 crown facets and 28 pavilion facets for a total of 61 facets.

The Flanders Fire-Brilliant was developed by Flanders Cut International of Antwerp in 1983, and the cut was named after the Flanders region of Belgium (Antwerp) where the cut was first performed in 1987.

Cushion Asha

The cushion cut diamond was one of the most popular cuts of diamonds ever. For more than 70 years from 1830 to the turn of the century this was how diamonds were cut. Sometimes referred to as a "pillow cut", the cushion cut has an open culet (the bottom of the diamond) and a rectangular to square shape with rounded corners and a facet plan to give the diamond depth. 6/10/2007 9:53:15 PM

Emerald Asha

The emerald cut is not a brilliant cut, but is called a step cut. Step cuts are comprised of larger, planar facets that resemble stair steps, which act like mirrors. The emerald cut has 58 facets, with 25 crown, 8 girdles and 25 pavilions. Because of the angle, size and shape of the facets, the emerald cut shows less brilliance and fire (dispersion) than the other brilliant and modified brilliant cut diamonds.

However, the emerald cut stone reveals a classic and aristocratic elegance and beauty not seen in other cuts

Radiant Asha

A stunning shape that combines the brilliance of a round-cut with the elegance of an emerald-cut, the radiant was introduced some 20 years ago. The radiant-cut is usually rectangular in shape. Comprised of 70 facets - more facets than round brilliant-cut - radiants can show considerable brilliance.

Old European Cut Asha

The "Old European" cut was the forerunner of the modern Brilliant Cut (created during the 1800's). The Old European diamond cut has a very small table, a heavy crown, large culet, and tall overall depth. This cut enabled the diamonds 58 facets to show broader reflective bands of brilliance returning back up through the top portion of the diamond (the table facet). This cut has beauty and magic of its own which gives it a desirable, distinct beauty just as the bygone era in which it was created. This cutting style began to disappear around the turn of the century but is now available in limited carat weights (currently 1ct/6.5mm and 2ct/8mm) in the Asha diamond simulant.

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