White light reflected up through the top of a diamond. Cutting a diamond to the correct proportions increases the reflection of light from the facets and maximizes the brilliance.

The upper part of the diamond above the girdle. Consists of a large flat area on top called a table, and several facets below it

Portions of light returning through the gem that are dispersed into the spectrum of rainbow colors or "fire".

The Gemological Institute of America, GIA, is one of the world's foremost authority in gemology, diamond grading, jewelry education, gemology research, diamond and gemstone grading reports and laboratory services.

Refers to the scratch resistance of a gemstone, often measured using the Moh's scale with diamond at the top of the list.

Ideal Proportions
Ideal proportions are those strict angles and proportions that will maximize refraction and reflection.

Moh's Scale
Simple comparative hardness scale devised by Friedrich Mohs about 1800, and still in use. It should more accurately be called a table, because it is not to scale: the numbers allocated to different minerals are not proportional to their actual scratch resistance. Therefore, the scale is really an ordered list with Diamond at the top (10) and sapphire second (9).

The bottom part of the Diamond, below the girdle.

As light passes from air into a material it is bent or refracted. The Refractive Index is a measure of the amount that light is bent.

Used to describe a secondary quality aspect of a gem's brilliance, scintillation describes sparkle created with movement of the stone. One of the three categories of 'brilliance', 'fire or dispersion' and 'scintillation'.

SuperbCert Diamond
SUPERBcert's Super-Ideal Hearts and Arrows diamonds are cut to exact and near perfect proportions. They are considered by many to be the most well cut diamonds available.

Refers to the resistance to breaking, chipping, or cracking of the gemstone. Asha is the most tough of diamond simulants. Although Moissanite is harder (more scratch resistant), jewelers who have worked with Asha and Moissanite agree that Moissanite is more susceptible to breaking, cracking and chipping.

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